Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mountain walk

It has been way to hot and steamy to do much felting lately, so I've been doing a bit of sewing instead. Can't seem to sit still.
I did walk up the mountain in my little town yesterday morning, though, very early. It is about 423m high and has some steep clambering over rocks bits, but the view is so amazing. I never tire of it and I've been doing this weekly for over a year.
This is the view from about one third up.
This second view is from about three quarters up. Starting to get very tired by this stage and the weather is quite humid. No breeze at this stage to offer any relief but it is soooo pretty.
And this is on of the many extraordinary sights from the top. 360 degrees of unimpeded views. And a lovely breeze to cool you down before embarking on the descent.

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