Friday, June 4, 2010

From the Verandah

So I've been sitting on my verandah today, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, listening to the birds, lawnmowers and other critters. A heady mix, I know.
It would have been very easy to just sit and relax, but, instead I listed some new items in my online store.
Here's a bit of a sneak peak.
These are my felt drink bottle coolers. I have never been really fond of the usual ones you get made of neoprene or polystyrene, but when it's hot you don't want your hot hands warming up a cool drink, nor when it's cold do you want to freeze your hands holding a cold drink. These feel lovely to touch and are very easy to keep clean. I just pop one on an empty bottle and soak the lot in room temperature water. Then it goes in the sun and when it's dry I slide it off the empty and it's ready for use again.
The second pic is of my latest 2 flower pins.
They cover the palm of my hand, so are a fair size. The brooch clasp at the back enables you to attach the flower to all kinds of things, from dresses, to coats and hats.
If you like something, visit my store at

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