Monday, December 13, 2010

Bright Colour on a Rainy Day

Up until the last day or so, it has been raining non-stop for months. Ok, maybe not months, but it feels that way. The sky is grey, the ground is sloshy, and floods are a real problem for many. Not for me, but my little wooden house does run the risk of rotting away. It desperately needs a paint, if only it would stop raining. I lie on my back staring at the ceiling listening to all the watery sounds. Rain on the tin roof. Drops spattering on things. Water overflowing from the little water tank. Gurgles as it makes its way along gutters. And so on. I’m starting to get cabin fever. It’s so grey. Or is it. I’ve hauled myself off the floor and now, looking out the window, see a rush of green and spots of lovely things. The rush of green is, of course, the weeds and grass growing. But in the trees is this extraordinary yellow orchid. Just loving the rain. A little over from that is the beautiful gardenia which seems to flower forever. Its perfect, creamy white flowers. Even the die-ing ones turn a rich wonderful yellow. A stand of elephant ears glistens in this weather. And then I focus on my little african violets, on the kitchen bench in front of me. Forever pushing out little bursts of colour, they seem impervious to the weather. I just love the things that grow in my garden. They are a constant source of joy and inspiration.