Monday, January 28, 2013

Silk Flare Pants from start to finish

I thought I'd give you in insight into how I make my silk accessories and clothing. It occurred to me that I should after a conversation with the lovely woman who commissioned this set. She kept asking what colors I had and I'd answer what colors do you want. It wasn't until I said that the silk started out white that she realised what I meant. Sooooo
This is a selection of silks that I begin with.
I then dye the fabric a base color. The fabric is allowed to dry before being folded and stitched to create the shibori patterns.
This then goes into more dye pots, the number depending on the desired outcome.
This is what it looks like partially unfolded.
Here is the same piece of silk fully unfolded but still wet.
And here it is dry and ironed. The colors are rich and lustorous with many subtle shades.
I then sew the silk into the item I am making. This is my little sewing corner. It was a very rainy day when I took this photo but the sense of the garden and light is still good.
And here is the finished set. A pair of Silk Flare Pants and a matching Tushi Tie.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beautiful Bellydance Pants

Well hello! It's 2013 already! I've been steadily working with new ideas and have now combined two of my passions. Shibori dyeing and Bellydancing.
I have launched a range of pants and hip ties which are made to order, so they fit well. Each piece incorporates a hand-dyed design element, so no two items are exactly the same.
So far I have designed and listed lycra pants, with flared silk lower legs. The silk ripples and flows as you move and feels fantastic against your legs. They look great with a matching Tushi Tail hip skirt or under a full ATS/Tribal style skirt.
I also have a range of lycra straight leg pants with a shibori detail up the sides. These are fantastic paired with a lycra Tushi Tail, or with a coin belt. They are really comfortable and would work well for yoga too.
I am currently working a a few styles of tops to go with the pants, which I should have listed by the end of the month. You will find them here So if you are into dance or yoga, and like something a little bit individual, or have problems finding stretch pants that are long enough or short enough, take a look at my offerings :)