Thursday, July 12, 2012

Something to carry an Ipad in

It was my birthday last month and, as usual, I bought myself something I really wanted, bit did not necessarily need. This year it was an Ipad.

I love this thing. It's just the right size and you can do all kinds of things on it. My only problem was what to carry it around in. My current shoulder bag had been too small. Most of the bags in the store where I bought it looked tooooo, nerdy?!? or ordinary. Not my style. So in my usual fashion, I made something to suit.

And this is it.

A fully felted shoulder bag. The design features a brown black base of wool, with intensly colored textural highlight of silk/velvet. I just love the way the velvet crinkles up into a brain pattern when it is felted. I have used a wooden fob button to fasten down the flap.

It fits my Ipad, with room for a small make-up purse, phone and keys, which is all I need.

I got so many compliments on the idea that I am now making similar things for my Etsy store. I have just listed this one. It is made from wasabi green cotton canvas with one of my 2D felt artworks inserted in the flap as a design feature. A fun little piece to take anywhere.