Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nunofelt Collars

Have you ever had trouble working out what to wear with the changable weather as the seasons change. You know, too warm one moment, too cool the next. Do you dress in layers so you can take things off and put them back on as things change. Then there is the problem of what to do with the things you've taken off if it's too warm.
Well this is the problem I had with my big scarves. I'd put one on in the early morning because the morning breeze was a bit chill. But by the time I got to work, the sun was out and I'd be too warm, so off the scarf would come... and now to try to fit it into the handbag without bits trailing out.
So I came up with these new items. Nuno felt collars or scarflettes. They are big enough to keep your neck, decolletage and lower ears warm, but are small enough to roll up and easily fit into the handbag.
They don't need a brooch to secure them because one end threads through the other, making it very quick to put on or take off.
And you can wear each one a number of different ways. Turned up to get as much warmth as possible, turned down to just take the chill of the shoulders. Twist the ends around to make a big flourishy flower or just pull it straight through to make a scarf look.
I am listing these on my etsy store
so please take a look at these or any of the other wonderful winter warmers I have listed. They make great gifts.