Monday, May 4, 2015

Felt Scarves for the cooler days

A couple of recent pieces.

These scarves are made from merino wool, felted into sheer black tissue silk and maybe some silk threads here and there to give the colours lustre. A special little feature at the centre are the little felted beads. Your scarf can be worn so that it looks like a scarf with a matching necklace.  I will have a couple of these in my etsy shop from time to time so pop over and take a look.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Felted Scarves and Coats

Here are a few nuno felted pieces I have been working on lately.
The first three are images of a long, gossamer coat. It hangs to the hips at the front then sweeps to just above the ankles at the back. The upper layer is like an extended collar/cape. Very floaty when worn. Very hard to get a good picture of this one.

 This second piece is a nuno felt scarf which incorporates layers of silk which I have dyed using shibori methods, hand dyed cotton gauze and border leicester curls, also hand dyed. All felted together with merino wool.
 Both the coat and the fringed scarf are going into an exhibition. The following nuno felt shibori scarves are listed in my etsy shop. They too are light, soft, gossamer pieces.

I have nuno felted the centre with soft superfine merino. Then stitched and gathered this section into folds and dyed it. When the stitches are removed, the folds remain creating this wonderful concertina pattern. Each gossamer scarf can be worn in a number of very different ways.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Felt Baby Booties

Now that the heat of an Australian summer seems to have passed, and the madness of the silly season has been laid to rest for another year, I have a little time to show you what I have been working on of late.
I now run workshops in my studio, so if you live on or near to the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Queensland, Australia, keep an eye on my facebook page for forthcoming events.

I have also been working on these.
My little felted baby booties
In natural wool
and coloured hues

and curly whirly pixie toes

These are all listed in my etsy shop 

Of course if you are like me, you will want a pair too. So do not despair, adult sizes coming soon.