Monday, September 13, 2010

Richly coloured vests

A couple of blogs ago I described my need to create something to wear to the races. I created a black nuno-felt vest. It was adorned with orchid motifs made from beautiful, subtle shades of purples and blues dyed into shiny paj silk and matt tissue silk. Well a lovely woman approached me at the races, to commission a vest for herself. We chatted for a while, discussing colours she liked (and didn’t like), things she liked and themes she was drawn to. I got her to send me her measurements and off I went to dye silks and cottons to felt into. The end result is this earthy, burnt orange nunofelt vest. She loved the dusty, earthy colours of inland Australia, but wasn’t fond of blue. She loved boab trees and the moon. I was really pleased with the result. My next challenge was creating a few items for the Artistic Felting section in the arts and crafts competition at the local Noosa Show. The Purple flower vest below is one of my prize winning pieces.