Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Making Felt Butterfly Brooches

I thought you might be interested in getting a bit of an idea of how I make my felt butterflys.
First have to make the felt. I begin with unspun, dyed merino wool and lay it out with the colors and patterns I want. And then I go through the laborious task of making that into felt.

Here's one I made earlier...
Or if you want more info on felt making, have a look at this earlier blog post for how that happens

I cut the pieces out of the felt. One sheet will give me a few sets of wings.
I might want to use different colors for upper and lower wings so I cut them all out first.
Now I'm ready to play around a bit, finding the right mix of color and texture. Then I sew them together, matching the wings with buttons or silk paper and beads. And...viola! A butterfly!

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