Monday, November 25, 2013

Kiteepee: Lifestyle solutions for your pussycat

Kiteepee. Pronounced Kitty pea.
A fabulous new home decore product for your cat.

Kiteepee in action
I first started making something like this when my aging kittycat decided she would no longer use the garden for her business. Even if she was in the garden, she would run up the stairs to use her litter box. Weird huh?! Anyway this meant that I had to live with a litter box next to the back door (if I put it anywhere else she would still leave her business by the back door - consistent if a little inconvenient).
Litter box by the back door
Two problems arose. The first was that I wasn't thrilled at the site of the litter box. The second was that she was a little shy and if anyone was in the room with her, she'd mooch around the box, but not go until her audience left.
This is a very pretty pink Kiteepee Royale
with hand dyed silk trim.
That was until I made her a kiteepee. She got the privacy she needed when going about her business and I got a much better looking corner.

I had more than one kiteepee and it turned out that when I had them set up in a different room and not on the litter box, especially in winter, she quite liked to curl up inside them for a bit of a nap. This is when I started to make more upmarket ones to go with my decore. Which led to matching cushion covers and so on. I never did like those synthetic, nylon fluffy pet beds and, lets face it, they look pretty awful in the corner of a lovely lounge room. Whereas these can be designed to suit any theme.
Kiteepee Deluxe with matching cushion cover.
If you are interested in a kiteepee for your pussycat, pop over to my new shop on Etsy

Kiteepee: Lifestyle solutions for your pussycat

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